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What do we do at Hastha?

The online retail space is morphing and continually growing bigger and better by each passing day… And it’s moving fast! We at Hastha are in sync with this pace of change and are constantly working towards pushing boundaries to drive our business forward. At Hastha, our focus is not limited to professional enrichment but also in nurturing long-term relationships with our team members. With them, we strive to transform creativity into actual processes which drive a positive change and deliver desired outcomes.

There is always an opportunity to grow and help others at Hastha.

We would love to welcome someone on-board who wishes to enjoy our journey. We are currently looking for interns.

If you are passionate, driven, motivated, energetic, slightly obsessive-compulsive… You would fit right in. And, if you are a foodie and an animal lover, just perfect!


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  • Bangalore