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Be a part of Project Block-by-Block & donate wooden printing blocks 

We chose block printing as part of their vocational training, not only since it is a part of what Hastha does, but also because of the nature of the art itself. It is repetitive, and engaging, and gives them an opportunity to interact with different colours, shapes and textures.

We are excited to now replicate this model in other special schools, as Project Block-by-block.

Extending this to other schools would involve providing them with the material resources in addition to setting up basic infrastructure and training. To achieve this, we propose building an extensive block library, which enables the schools to borrow wooden printing blocks from Hastha and return them in exchange for newer blocks after their use. In parallel, we will continue to build our blocks library as we bring more such schools and organisations under this programme.

Carefully chosen hand-carved blocks, with a mix of classic patterns as well as contemporary designs, are the foundation of any hand block printing unit. In fact, Hastha can vouch that the quality and aesthetics of the block collection have a direct impact on product quality and sales.

Help us build the library, block-by-block

A carved wooden printing block usually costs between Rs.200 to Rs.1000. As a sponsor, you can opt to pay for any of the options or you could contribute any amount via bank transfer.

Note: This product will not be shipped to you. It is a donation that you are making to the Block Library.