The tips and tricks of merchandise and retail have always been in the blood of Hastha. But it was not until a day of disappointing shopping, that the brand took its first step into the apparel world. Divya’s discomfort with limited sizes available in the outlets and the endless search for ethnic vibes, shaped Hastha.

From wanting to make comfortable sizes available for Indian women to choosing prints against labels, our small little journey had begun. We’d always strived to be your brand next door by connecting traditional designs with western clothing.

Our wooden block print tees came to life thanks to block makers from Kolkata, Andhra and plenty of dark chocolate, of course. Much like our talent force, our prints too are inspired from all around. From Kathakali to age old paisleys and plenty of traditional art, Hastha has picked trends from all generations and walks of life.

Now, while we were busy burning the midnight oil, to get you the best of these designs and shapes, our next baby was born. It was during the 2015 Chennai floods that Hastha launched its line of bright and quirky umbrellas. The city that gave us everything was going through its darkest times and we wanted to do everything we could to add some colour and help people brace the rains. Transferring our block prints to the otherwise stiff umbrellas was quite a task, but we pulled it off with our artisan’s secret techniques and the umbrellas had soon become our favourite merchandise. And while rain is almost synonymous to Mumbai in India, Hastha happened to feature it’s collection at the Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai as well.

Over the years, our apparels were made available for men and kids as well. Most of our tshirts are unisex and we couldn’t be happier, watching our vision come alive on all genders and especially the little munchkins.

Apart from aiming to break the monotony in the lives of our wonderful customers, we also make sure to reach out to the many other bold and beautiful women out there. One summer, we had collaborated with Karthumbi, a tribal women’s empowerment programme in Kerala for sourcing umbrellas and we wish to meet more such strong humans year after year.

At present, we at Hastha are working towards touching upon diverse patterns for our merchandise and reaching more humans, one print at a time.