Bringing art into everyday life with elegance and fun to your wardrobe


The founder and designer at Hastha, an ethnic brand featuring traditional yet quirky hand block prints on clothing and accessories. Through her brand, she successfully combines her love for Indian art and handicraft, with her purpose in life – income generation for the special needs community. Divya works to generate a sustainable income model for adults with special needs through hand block printed products, thus providing them with meaningful employment.


…Began in 2015, attempting to fulfill a personal need – to create a T-shirt that would fit the Indian woman’s body, comfortably and gracefully. It also pioneered the concept of hand block prints on T-shirts and saw success with this one product. Hastha has, since then, extended its hand block printed offerings to unisex T-shirts, kids’ T-shirts, tops, umbrellas and more recently, veshtis(dhotis) and tote bags.

Umbrellas were included in the range following the Chennai floods, with the remarkable idea of adding vibrant colors to a backdrop of gloomy grey skies and a sea of black umbrellas. Bringing art into everyday life, Hastha strives to add a touch of colour and fun to your wardrobe – and your life!


While stylish yet comfortable clothing and accessories are the brand’s focus, it is fueled by a passionate purpose at its heart. Believing in the dignity of every human being, Hastha creates income-earning opportunities for adults with special needs, thereby training them and providing employment.

By extension, it also brings you the chance to be instrumental in their lives and well-being

Hastha’s firm belief in giving back to society has resulted in our association with Gurukulam, a Chennai-based integrated centre for children with special needs (CWSN).

Recognising that CWSNs excel in repetitive activity, training has been given to adults with special needs in hand block printing with an aim to further empower this community. Hastha has facilitated the setting up of a block printing unit at Gurukulam in November 2019 that undertakes hand block printing work.

Our inclusive mentoring continues to offer these wonderful young individuals a beacon towards a beneficial future.


Hastha is working towards making all its products hand block printed by adults with special needs. 


Divya grew up surrounded by art and has always been drawn to craft and handmade clothing. Her love for local craft traditions and typical Indian designs led her to work with artisans and people with special needs who were adept at hand block printing. She is focused on quality, and every Hastha product aims to balance beauty, comfort and purpose.

Graphics from nature, tradition, history and urban forms on plain and bright backgrounds make for a versatile choice from the women’s line